Stop Thinking in Pages: A Web Developer’s Perspective

April 28, 2011 – Written by Dave Ross

In the early days of the web, when it consisted mostly of academic papers and newsletters, it made sense to call the things we built “pages”. It was a much simpler time, but those days are long past and, frankly, that’s outdated thinking. Today’s web is much more dynamic than the big online filing cabinet envisioned twenty years ago. The content management systems we use to build sites now can twist our content into all manner of shapes, limited only by our imagination.

I need a web site for my company. Just something simple…” the email began.

I took a deep breath. Here it comes.

Only four pages. How much?

Yet, it amazes me that I still see requests from prospects defining a site by the number of pages. That sort of thinking can cause serious problems:

• It doesn’t tell the whole story

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